Bid Opportunities

Structure Abatement and Remediation, Phase II


North of the River Recreation & Park District (NOR) is seeking bids for the abatement and remediation of a District-owned commercial structure. All bids are due September 26, 2019 at 2:00pm PST.

Contract Documents are available on the NOR website at under the Construction & Planning menu. Print copies are available by contacting Ryan La Febre at 661.392.2059; note a lead time of 24 hours for all document print requests.

All questions and RFIs shall be directed to the Bid Administrator at Questions must be submitted on the RFI form included in the bid package.


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Bid Walk Sign In Sheet

Bid Tabulation

North of the River Recreation and Park District welcomes qualified contractors to be part of our Vendor List. If you are interested in receiving bid notifications for a specific trade, email to