Capital Projects

North Beardsley Skate Park

North of the River Recreation and Park District (NOR) plans to take our 50 year old outdated swimming pool at North Beardsley Park and turn it into a fabulous skate park for everyone in the community to enjoy. With skateboarding a popular recreational activity and Bakersfield home to a large skating community, the North Beardsley Skate Park is sure to see a lot of action when it is completed next summer. NOR has partnered with Spohn Ranch, the premier skate park designer and builder, to take an eyesore and turn it into a destination for skateboarders of all ages.

In order to create the best skate park possible, we need your help by donating in-kind material/services that can help make this park bigger and better. Some of the items we will need:

  • Demo, hauling & disposal – concrete, tile, steel, cinderblock, etc.
  • Fill material (structural)
  • New corrugated steel for shade/bleacher area
  • Strip grass & topsoil, hauling & disposal
  • Temporary construction dumpster
  • Base rock
  • Concrete supply (7.5# sack)
  • Rebar (#3)
  • Dobie blocks
  • Framing lumber (plywood, 2×4, 2&6)
  • Salvaged materials (industrial grade)
  • Drains & drain lines
  • Landscaping

Skate Park Rendering 1

Planning and Construction Department

The Planning and Construction Department is essential for the reservation and development of park and recreation facilities to meet the needs of North of the River Recreation and Park District constituents. The Department ensures that the appropriate park acreage is obtained through project purchases and/or donations consistent with current development within the District’s 215 square miles. It also reviews and maintains consistency within the NOR Master Plan as well as oversees the design and completion of capital projects—new construction or improvements to current District facilities.

Quimby Fees

The fee is also referred to as an In-Lieu fee. The 1975 Quimby Act is intended to secure adequate open space for parks and recreational purposes. It also authorized cities and counties to pass ordinances requiring developers to set aside land, donate conservation easements and/or pay fees for park development. Any fees collected may not be used for the operation and maintenance of park facilities.

North of the River Recreation and Park District (NOR) developed the Quimby Act with the County of Kern and City of Bakersfield. Implementation of the ordinances begins when a developer files an application with the City/County for a tentative tract/parcel map within the NOR District. NOR receives the application and determines whether the development will be required to provide land as dedication or reservation, pay fees based on a fair market value appraisal or a combination of both. Prior to final recordation of the map, the developer will be required to present NOR with proper documentation of the land dedication and/or the required fees. In return, the developer will be provided with a Certificate of Payment to satisfy City/County conditions of approval.

North of the River Park Maintenance Districts

The North of the River Park Maintenance District was formed January 17, 2006 by Board Resolution #04-06. The Resolution adopted maintenance district requirements within the entire boundary of the North of the River Recreation and Park District. New residential developments, with condition approval after the adoption date, are required to join the NOR Park Maintenance District as mitigation to the impact of residential growth within NOR boundaries. It is a condition for recording residential tract and parcel maps.

When developers propose to construct residential development within NOR boundaries, they are required to complete the form ‘Agreement to Join NOR Park Maintenance District and Waive Proposition 218 Voting Rights’ and submit it to NOR as mitigation to the environmental impact of the residential growth. Planning and Construction staff then reviews the application and when approved and the Quimby fees/land have been accounted for, completes the ‘Certificate Payment of Fees and Completion of Requirements Related to the NOR Park Maintenance District’ form. This final form serves as proof to the County of Kern or City of Bakersfield that NOR park and recreation conditions have been met and that the tract, parcel map or other instrument is ready to finalize in respects to park and recreation impacts.

Park Development Fee

The Park Development Fee, allowed by Ordinance, is a flat fee assessed to each residential unit built within the North of the River Recreation and Park District and is used for development of park sites. The development fee must be paid to the City/County at the time the developer obtains a building permit and before a certificate of occupancy can be issued. Development fees cannot be used for maintenance expenses.

The developer may desire to build the park within the associated service area instead of paying fees on each unit. This request shall fit within the guidelines of the NOR Master Plan and requires approval of the North of the River Recreation and Park District Board of Directors. The Planning and Construction Department will help facilitate site planning as to ensure the park meets NOR’s guidelines and amenities, as well as considers the constituents within the specified service area.